Ampere unveiled Industry’s First 80-Core Server Processor

Ampere Computing is a privately owned company, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. The company is a manufacturer of processors and designs development platforms for cloud computing data centers.

Ampere states it has unveiled the industry’s first 80-core server processor called as Ampere Altra, the first cloud native CPU for modern cloud and edge computing data centers. The processor is typically designed to efficiently carry out the workloads in the cloud. It offers up to 80 cores at up to 3.0 GHz speed with sustained turbo performance. With leading power/core, and multi-socket support, Ampere Altra provides the scalability to maximize the number of servers per rack, unparalleled in the industry. It provides industry leading power efficiency/core, while packing 80 cores in a single socket and 160 cores in a dual socket, establishing new levels of power efficiency with scalability.

The Ampere Altra delivers 80 cores upto 210 W, having industry leading performance for applications as edge computing, web hosting, data analytics, AI, and various such cloud native applications. However, Ampere reveals its product, Ampere Altra to be the industry’s first 80-core server CPU, but their are industry’s leading companies, name to few – Google, Dell, AMD, and Intel which have products with 80 and 80 plus cores CPU.

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