Data Center Cooling Technology, Efficiency, Market and Growth

Data Centers are the most prominent storage facilities where the organizations important and day to day data is stored. Data centers consume the most power and generates tremendous heat getting exceptionally hot. Sophisticated data center cooling technology should be adopted as overheating of equipment in data center facilitate higher cost. One should opt for a perfect solution for cooling their data centers considering factors like size of the data center, equipment and associated facilities in data center.

The sole purpose of data center cooling is to maintain a suitable environment with effective operations of information technology equipment. There are various technologies that help in efficient cooling of data centers, namely Air Cooling, Cold Aisle and Hot Aisle Design, Raised Floor Cooling Techniques, Calibrated Vectored Cooling (CVC), Chilled Water System, Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC), Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH), Critical Cooling Load, Direct-to-Chip Cooling, Evaporate Cooling, Free Cooling, Immersion / Submerged Cooling, and Liquid Cooling.

Data center cooling solutions are witnessing an increasing demand due to the various benefits for effective heat removal provided by these solutions. Additionally, data center cooling solutions are becoming more environment-friendly and energy-efficient, requiring less operational costs. Organizations are rapidly adopting these advanced cooling systems to overcome the shortcomings associated with traditional cooling systems for data centers, which has resulted in the increased adoption of these solutions across major industry verticals.

Thus, there is no doubt that data center cooling technology will be gaining more traction in following years, and also advancing with superior technology as data centers are the hearts / integral part of an organization. The global data center cooling market is witnessing a rapid growth and will account for USD 24 billion by coming five years. Data center immersion / submerged cooling technology is taking pace and will observe the highest growth rate among all data canter cooling technologies.

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